20 Amazing Halloween Costumes We’re Totally Stealing This Year

Halloween is sneaking up on us (scary pun intended.) Here are a whole bunch of costume ideas for women to help you feel inspired.

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If you are looking for a laugh at your next themed party, costume party, or at Halloween, look no further than the wide selection of men's humorous costumes.
The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Through the Years. Kylie Jenner channels one of Christina Aguilera's most iconic looks.
6 days ago · Explore the best funny baby Halloween costumes from the selection and make your child’s first Halloween memorable. Cute and unique baby costume ideas that any parent can pull off. 1. This Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume is perfect for both boys and girls. Your kids will look like the sweet pineapple.
Humans aren't the only ones able to celebrate Halloween: Your four-legged friends should get in on the fun chaplin-favor.tk your pup in one of these creative and funny costume ideas for the best holiday.
Best Funny Halloween costumes ideas: Once you planned that you are going to be a fit in funny attire all you need is a unique and unusual idea, not only the dress actually.
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Welcome, Ladies! Get Your Best Halloween Costume Ideas Here!

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that shows your sense of humor and also serves as a conversation starter, check out these 15 funny Halloween costumes for women.

No, thanks I'm already a PureWow fan. No, thanks I hate pretty things. Look no further than these ridiculously creative costume ideas.

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Please log in to your account. Like What You See? Make a standard tutu skirt very easy long enough to serve as a dress. Add a halter ribbon, a set of wings, adorn it with a floral belt and a pretty halo. Design by Jess Abbott. They're standing in front of retail stores everywhere, now you can be one for Halloween with this no-sew costume. Design by Nick Britsky. See how to turn a child's nylon tunnel into a wacky waving tube man.

Using some felt and ribbon, you can easily turn any pair of green jammies into a quick flower costume that your kids will love. This sewing craft is perfect for the beginner seamstress. Nobody wants to make a party foul, but you can easily be one for Halloween. This Halloween let your kids feel invincible by having them create their own superheroes. Let them dream up their own super powers and help design an emblem for their costume.

Design by Simple Simon. This pun-filled, last-minute Halloween costume that will take about a half-hour to make and won't cost more than a few dollars. To make this scrumptious costume, a laundry basket cone was topped off with a paper-mache scoop then sprinkled with multicolored plastic balls. Add a little chiffon and a cherry-red hat on top.

Design by Manvi Drona. This is the perfect costume for a school or book club party. Turn a bunch of inexpensive feather boas into a fun flamingo costume for your little one. Pair it with a pink dress and tights, and you have a unique, handmade Halloween costume that won't break the bank.

This fun costume is simple to make and puts you in control. These bird wings are fun and easy to make, and are the perfect beginning for a fabulous bird Halloween costume. It's easy to craft and requires minimal sewing, so your kids will be flying around the yard in no time. This fun dinosaur hat and spiky tail costume will make every child stomp with delight.

This cute little witch's dress is made from one of those ubiquitous black maxi skirts that are all the rage these days. All the materials for this dress were inexpensive and very little sewing is involved, so you will have a fabulous costume in no time and for little money. Everybody loves the iconic flapper dress because it is elegant yet fun, and it makes a great Halloween costume too.

This dress is easy to make and the materials are inexpensive. You don't need a lot of money to make this sweet seaworthy costume.

It took just a few cardboard boxes, some glue and paint. If you can tie a knot, you can make this costume — no sewing skills are required. You just need an old T-shirt, tulle fabric and some ribbon. Easy, comfortable and oh-so cute. On Halloween night let your toddlers ride in style by transforming a plain wagon into a bug yellow school. Put a millennial twist on a traditional costume using duct tape and extreme facial hair. Every kid wants one, so why not let them be one? Send the images to a copy center to have them enlarged.

Adhere the front-and-back images to two pieces of cardboard then tie the cardboard together with string.

A set of round potholders covered in foam are used to make the earbuds. These sturdy glass jars are everywhere -- wine glasses, soap dispensers, makeshift chandeliers, wedding reception tables, pantry storage and on and on.

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You always have great ideas for Halloween costumes — until you try to think of a clever couple costume for you and your partner, and then your mind goes blank. Don't worry —we've put this year. Whether you're looking for sultry, spooky, or silly, we're rounding up the best celebrity Halloween costumes for all your dress-up inspiration. The cereal killer costume is a favorite of pun lovers every year, but this trio really went for it with their Halloween getups. Creepy makeup, a group costume and a funny pun? Very admirable.