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As such, we are quite interested to see what the deal is and if this coat really lives up to its claims. Mighty Lite III, on the other hand, is a more refined design that can pass for a normal winter jacket, as you will see in the following section. Shipping takes 5 business days. Our leather is water resistant!

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Just in time, too. Additionally, it provides us with a very highly visible partner, whose strong brand recognition we can leverage to grow our market share. The strategic location of both our new facilities by the Edmonton International Airport, and within close proximity of world class extraction processing facilities, provides further important logistical advantages as we expand our international reach.

Boulevard of Presidents, off St. When you on the road for whatever reason, business trips, winter vacation or even your honeymoon, there no need to leave your favorite pieces of jewelry behind. Be prepared for last second dinner plans or a night at the opera while away from home with this exceedingly convenient travel jewelry pouch. Comparatively Blankstyle has some of the lowest blank apparel prices online.

For that reason we have added a huge selection of wholesale blank apparel and other blank clothing to supplement your brand. From blank hoodies, jackets, pants and tank tops to wholesale hats and totes we have full line blank apparel, hats and bags to fit all of your branding needs. This means you do not need to sign up for an account to take advantage of our tiered wholesale pricing. We do not charge you sales tax unless you reside in the state of California. If you do reside in California and you are a tax exempt buyer just let us know as checkout.

Consider our wholesale screen printing or embroidery services as an easy alternative to your normal supply channels when purchasing your blank apparel. It will never chap or change the color. Because it is dipdyed color the color will never fade or goes away from the leather. So it does not paint your skin or dress like some cheap Chinese leather. Dipdyed leather is the leather which has the paint penetrated to itself completely.

So paint becomes a part of leather and will never leave the leather! Depending on the size of jacket , it weights around grams! With these feature these jackets are one of the lightest jackets in the world. The jacket is made from such a soft leather and tulle so when you fold it properly it will take such a small place which You can easily put it into even your back or backbag!

As you see the jacket takes such a small place. This will save you extra space in your suitcase , etc Turkish bath is our very special method for painting leather. Simply in this method leather is plunged into a pool of paint and kept there for two weeks under certain conditions with some special chemicals.

During this time paint penetrates leather completely and integrates it. By this way paint becomes a part of leather. So paint never goes away from leather or fades. Paint lasts when leather lasts. Our leather is almost unscratchable! Because paint is all inside of leather and all through the thickness of leather from top to the bottom.

So when our leather is scratched you can not see a different colour beneath the surface of leather. And this makes scratches not markable! That is why scratches on our leather jackets are almost unvisible.

So don't worry about scratches , just enjoy your jacket. Probably you have been faced these problems so far: Moving Stripes of your handbags damaged or scratched your leather jacket by friction! Stripes of your handbags are not a danger for our leather jackets and this damage will not occur on our leather. The elbows of your leather jackets are faded or damaged!

By high pressure and friction in many ordinary leather jackets elbows are the fisrt part which color deformation of leather starts! High pressure and friction are not a danger for our leather jackets and this damage will not occur on our leather.

Our leather is water resistant! That is why water just slides over our leather and can not get into the leather. Except for heavy rain we can say that our leather jackets are water proof! For water the only way to get into the jacket is the stitches! To prevent this you can use water proof sprays which are used for leather shoes and boots. Indian or Chineese leather is painted by spray painting! Which is much easiyer , qiucker 10 minutes max.

As you can guess with a spray tube paint is sprayed to surface of leather. By spray painting technic a very thin layer of paint occurs upon the surface of leather!

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