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Kokonoe Tor, however, is an Irregular. Scroll down to see the content. Dans le cas des pages où vous entendez ma voix, vous pouvez cliquez sur pause en bas de la page.

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Communication of your data to third parties for their own marketing purposes. Reset your password Please enter your email and we'll send you instructions to create a new password. A single hand played in slam. This movie has voice commentary, in English. To follow along, make sure your sound is turned on, sit back and the movie will advance at the end of each frame automatically. Except for frames with questions, where you will need to follow the instructions on the screen.

The play in this hand deals with a discover play and hand counting, and is a subject suitable for intermediate players. This is the final installment of Part I on squeeze play. It contains quiz hands to practice what the material covered in part 1A. Those pages without voice commentary are meant to be studied.

When you are happy with your analysis on the soundless pages, press the play button the one to the right of the pause button to move to the next content. For best viewing results, switch your browser to view full screen the F11 function key on many windows based devices.

Submit typos, corrections or comments to: This is the second part of the first lesson on identifying squeezes. It contains Quiz hands to practice material coveredin part 1A. You can also try out Lorne Russells electronic version of Clyde Love's classic Bridge Squeeze complete at the following web address.

This Movie is the second half of the Lesson 2 of the Identifying squeezes, dealing with defects in "entry conditions" for simple squeezes. It contains Quiz Hands 3 to 10 dealing primarily with guard squeezes, entry-shifting squeezes and a clash squeeze.

The assumption is the viewer will be familiar with the material in Lesson 1 part A, and Lesson 2 part A. If these first two movies seem to be useful to BBO users, the other movies in this series split into shorter versions similar to Lesson 1, parts A, B, C and Lesson 2 parts A and B will be publically posted. Other Identifying Squeeze Lesson topics are: Lesson 3 When "Both is Defective: Lesson 4 when "More on Both is Defective" Lesson 5 when "Loser" is defective Lesson 6 when "Upper" is defective and multiple defects Lesson 7 more on entry defects blocked entry conditions 82 Updated: Lesson 1, part A Author: The lesson begins by Illustrating the meaning of the acronym BLUE as it relates to squeezes using a series of simple finesse positions for illustrations.

Then it uses these positions to highlight the "defect" approach used to help classify squeezes throughout this and other squeeze lessons. You can also try out Lorne Russell's electronic version of Clyde Love's classic Bridge Squeeze complete at the following web address. The Basic Squeeze ending, is one of two forms of simple squeezes often referred to as "automatic squeezes". Then it illustrates how changing the location of the entry between the two hands distinquishes between these two automoatic squeezes, and how such changing entry conditions give rise to the two other simple squeezes: The Vienna Coup, the "criss-cross squeeze", the simple trump squeeze, and the positional simple squeeze.

Materialis expansion and improvement on old blog of miine that covers the same topics,see http: Lesson 2, part A: This Lesson is divided into two parts. This part describes the methods to covers squeeze positions where the hand opposite the squeeze card lacks an entry in EITHER THREAT suit, or there is no secondary entry when one is needed to the hand with the squeeze card.. The remedies for this defect covered in this chapter are: The assumption is that the reader is familiar with the material covered the Lesson 1 on Simple squeezes.

These lessons are best viewed in full screen mode. Introducing Ofidp, the worlds greatest bridge player Author: This is a bridge article about an interesting deal as bid and played by the self-professed "Obviously Finest Individual Duplicate Player" or Ofipd in the world.

Any similarity between Ofipd and other bridge players is purely coincidental. This is a fictional story and uses fictional characters, Any similarities between the players in this story and real people, either living or dead, is purely coincidental. Ofidp and Inverted Flannery Author: Third in a series of articles about the "worlds best bridge players self-professed " and the abuse of a bridge convention.

As always, the hand is real played on BBO in a real match with over kibitzers , the bidding and the story behind the hand is an entire work of fiction.

There is no player on BBO named Ofipd, although there are dozens there from whom the personality of this hypothetical player could have been drawn. Any similarity to any single player, real or fictional is purely a coincidence. Ofipd's unique preempt style Author: Second adventure of Ofipd, the self-professed world's greatest bridgeplayer. In this hand, he explains the sound logic?

Normally he charges a large fee for his lesson, but you get to read this and his thoughts for free here. Ofidp is a fictional character and any similarity between Ofipd and other bridge players real or imaginary is purely coincidental Vulnerable stopper endplays Author: This document contains a short review of basic elimination endplays followed by 12 hands where you need to find an endplay and two hands where you must defend to prevent an endplay.

The hands are accompanied by quizzes with a possible points. Learn about elimination endplays and then test how much you absorbed!

Ben Dickens with assistance from Fred Gitelman Summary: This tutorial is designed to demonstrate how the BBO's Movie Authoring software is used to create interactive bridge movies. Highly recommended for all who are new to this software. Some useful tips are included to help improve your movie product.

A declarer play challenge from the World Championships Author: This deal was played in the last segment of the finals of the Rosenblum Cup. While the overall theme of this deal is quite advanced, I have tried to include instructional points for players of all levels in this presentation. Deal of the week 1 - Safety play technique Author: This week's deal is a declarer play problem that was shown to us by Toronto's George Mittelman.

The deal is based on one that took place in a World Championship a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. This deal was published on September 27, Updated: Deal of the Week - Sabine Auken's declarer play technique and card-reading skills Author: Sabine's careful technique and accurate card-reading enabled her to make a 3NT contract in which most of the field went down. This deal was published on October 4, Deal of the Week - An unusual declarer play problem Author: This week's deal is an unusual declarer play problem that was shown to us by Ben Zeidenberg.

It was shown to him by Steve Mackay. We don't know where Steve saw it. This deal was published on October 11, Updated: This deal was published on October 18, Updated: A deal played by Hong Kong's Sam Wan. This deal was published on October 25, Updated: This week's deal is based on a real one, but unfortunately your author did not find the correct line of play at the table.

The deal was played during a practice match at the home of Francesco Angelini in Rome. This deal was published on November 1st, Deal of the Week - A declarer play problem Author: This week's deal is a declarer play problem. This deal was published on November 8, Deal of the Week - Declarer play technique Author: This being the th Deal of the Week made us feel a little nostalgic so we decided to go back all the way to the birth of contract bridge for this week's deal.

This deal was played by Harold S. Vanderbilt who defined the rules and scoring of contract bridge in Vanderbilt was also one of the best bridge players in the world for many years.

This deal was published on July 10, This is an unusual Deal of the Week because it does not contain a deal. This week we will be presenting some bidding ideas that we hope you will find interesting. This deal was published on July 31, Deal of the Week - A brilliant double dummy problem.

This week's deal is a double dummy problem. We would like to tell you who composed this problem, but we don't know. As you will see shortly, the composer must have been a brilliant analyst. If you have seen this problem before and know who created it, please let us know so that we can give credit where credit is due! This deal was published on October 23, Deal of the Week - A convention inspired by Eric Rodwell. This week's deal is not a deal at all.

This week we are presenting a previously unpublished convention that was developed by Bridge Base Inc. President Fred Gitelman, based on an idea he learned from Eric Rodwell. This deal was published on January 1st, Jassem was playing with Piotr Gawrys when this week's deal was played. I would like to thank Marek Wójcicki for bringing this deal to my attention. This deal was published on September 29, This deal was published on November 17, Deal of the Week - Waking up in a cold sweat Author: I bet you all had that happening to you He was kind enough to share with me the deal that interrupted his sleep.

This deal was published on January 19, This week's deal is presented as a 3-part problem. Parts 1 and 2 are not very difficult, but part 3 is really something. In fact, I would say it is the nicest problem I have seen in years. This deal was published on March 22, This week's deal was played in the Poland vs. Poland eventually won this match, but went on to lose in the final to Italy. Most bridge articles are about brilliant bids or plays by brilliant players.

Believe it or not, these brilliant players also make their fair share of terrible bids and plays. This article presents three bridge problems, one each concerning bidding, play and defense.

These problems all come from the Fall Nationals in Orlando. In each case a famous player made a horrible error. I will try to analyze how such good players can play so badly. Introduction to 2 over 1 Game Force Author: An in-depth look at an amazing coincidence of two very similar hands, and how complicated playing A-low opposite QT-fourth in dummy can be.

The Law of Total Tricks Author: After going through the material, test your understanding by participating in a 20 question quiz. See how close you come to a perfect score of points. Thinking with Mike Author: Step-by-step analysis of a defensive hand where Mike Lawrence discusses issues you should think about as a defender. Thinking with Mike - II Author: You are challenged at trick one to determine the location of all the hidden high card points.

There is a quiz with a total correct score of 10 points, see how well you can do. April Deals 1 Author: Ozdil-Katz Bridge School Summary: Trump control Visit www. April Deals 2 Author: Trump management Visit www. May Deals 1 Author: May Deals 2 Author: Pushing for a slam late in a KO match you press to a shaky slam. Put on the silly-looking glasses. This deal will be discussed from all positions. You and your partner can try to defend together. It is IMPs, a close knockout match, and everyone is vulnerable.

Reading declarer line of play. A Bad Decision January 13, Author: A Good Overbid January 20, Author: The first bridge murder took place in , when a woman killed her husband over his bidding and play of the hand. Careful Planning Necessary February 3, Author: Deceptive bid and play by Steve Callihan Author: This presentation allows the reader to face a series of interesting situations as a deal unfolds. Defensive Card Play Quiz Author: Reading declarer's intention to shorten trumps during the line of play.

Every Partnership should discuss situations like these. Few bridge hands - May Author: First hand about defense. Second hand declarer play. Third hand Deception at trick 1. Part 1 Responses and further development to 1Heart and 1Spade opening bid. Part 2 Responses and further development to 1 Club opening bid. Part 3 Responses and further development to 1 Diamond opening. In this movie, we will discuss Gazzilli over Opening Bid of one of a Major.

However, this convention is also played over Minor suit opening bids. There is a quiz to test your understanding of the meaning of each conventional response. Please don't hit 7NT! There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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