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Visit to shop our wide beauty selection. Free Shipping on thousands of beauty products. We use JavaScript to create the most functional website possible for our customers. JavaScript enables you to fully navigate and make a purchase on our site. If disabled the content or the functionality of the website can be limited or unavailable.

I discovered it on a site called http: Please check out FlexJobs for global opportunities. Minerals play a role in every single part of our body, including regulating our heartbeat, carrying oxygen, and building strong bones and teeth. We are also on Pinterest and Janet has her own blog.

How to Sell Beauty Products From Home by Angela Robinson - Updated September 26, This article is rated moderately challenging due to the fact that building a business is a challenge in itself.
Beauty Products Become the best self you could possibly be with a range of items formulated to create luminous skin, sweet smells, stunning makeup looks, and soft, shining hair. is filled to the brim with an abundance of bath and body products for skincare, fragrance, hair health and removal, cosmetics, or anything you want to.
This includes Artistry skincare and makeup line which is in the top 5 of skincare in the world; Nutrilite vitamins and supplements, the #1 selling vitamin brand in the world; and Legacy of Clean products which are extremely safe yet effective cleaning products, to name a few.
What Beauty Products Are Selling Out Internationally Kayla Jacobs Could a yang-balancing miracle skin oil from South Korea be the secret weapon your bathroom cabinet has been missing?
How to Sell Beauty Products From Home by Angela Robinson - Updated September 26, This article is rated moderately challenging due to the fact that building a business is a challenge in itself.

Nov 17,  · OpenSky is a members only online marketplace that offers a wide range of trendy products at great, discounted rates, and is ideal for sellers looking to target a young adults shopping for apparel, home goods, electronics, beauty products and more/5(61).

To find these deals, visit Discountbeautycenter. See the link below. Don't forget to check eBay for greatly reduced overstock items. Also check out Wal-Mart's clearance section and Ross for reduced beauty products. Utilize SEO in your beauty product listings. Whether you sell on eBay or via your own website, having the right keywords ensures that your products will come up in relevant searches.

Include information such as brand names, amount and special considerations. Take great pictures or use clear images for your products. How to Sell Beauty Products Online.

Share Share on Facebook. It is a cliche that the local "make up representative" pesters their customers with obnoxious in-your-face approaches and will not leave well enough alone until the customer is forced to buy a product.

Obviously, that is not a tactic that will attract customers! Do not choose to sell a product that you will not wear yourself. Hand out business cards to everyone. If a new family moves into your neighborhood, invite the lady of the house over for coffee and a free facial.

Angela Robinson is a work at home mom who is currently pursuing a career in freelance writing. She enjoys the challenge of researching and writing on topics such as home and garden, travel, education and health issues.

Angela enjoys the expansion of knowledge as well as the flexibility that freelance writing offers. Items you will need variety of items adequate space to store in-stock items date book business cards small file cabinet. Tips Do not choose to sell a product that you will not wear yourself. About the Author Angela Robinson is a work at home mom who is currently pursuing a career in freelance writing.

It is an easy way to make a little extra money! If anyone is looking to get into a party business, please consider this one! Please check out my website to learn more http: There are some good companies to choose from for a work from home business. If you love vintage inspired jewelry and are passionate about promoting products that are made here in the USA, come see the handcrafted artistry of Jewel Kade at my website http: We are also on Pinterest and Janet has her own blog.

Our newest line includes custom wall canvas art as well! I have been with Avon for over 5 years and it has been great. You can even join online at http: Check out the website for more details. JAFRA specializes in natural skincare, cosmetics and toiletries. Building a team rewards the Consultants with even greater earnings.

A big hello to everyone! I just launched a home based biz last month that had tremendous success my first month!! It was founded in , but is mostly based on the east coast and just now moving west. When I came upon the website I was mesmerized that women could custom design their own handbags. To think that they could walk away from a party with a custom item to their taste and be proud of it was really appealing to me.

In addition, all the handbags are made in the USA one purse at a time so it supports our economy. In my first month I was 3 in personal sales in the company and two women joined me. Please visit my website madisonhandbags. Our home party concept is exciting, unique and new. We give people money for their unwanted gold. In this tough economy it is a great experience for us to help people sell their unwanted gold in a safe environment at a competitive rate.

My name is Donna and I am in Kentucky. I am so excited about sharing my new business and how great it is. I am a Founding Consultant for a wonderful new ground floor direct selling company that is currently wide open in the US.

The company has been in prelaunch for over a year and during that time has had great success testing their products in several locations in the US. The company was able to create a wonderful new training program and website that makes it so simple to provide training to you and your downline and serve your customers.

If the idea of being in business, being the first in your area, and selling upscale products that are guaranteed to be the best in quality and workmanship sounds like something you might like to do. Then, we should talk. Jillian Chase is a US based company that is the brain child of a company that has been in business for more than fifty years with great success. With monthly promotions, bonuses, a fast start program and many levels to achieve even greater income level for everyone.

This company believes in providing the best in customer service and cares about the consultants who represent them. Not great at parties? That is okay, with Jillian Chase, you can sell individually or online. Yes, they have great rewards, too, for the Host or Hostess who does have the party.

This company is very unique in that MEN really love the products. Take a look at the catalogue online and see why. Also, your very first pieces will be customized just for you to use in your home and to share with family and friends. So, if you decide the company is not for you, there is no lost.

You still keep the beautiful pieces at incredible savings. Contact me today by filling out an online form on my website. My future is crystal clear, is yours? Their products are free of harsh chemicals and believe it or not are products that absolutely every person uses in their homes, just healthier and safer versions of cleaners, beauty products and now their weight loss line.

Our entire business can be done online, from hosting presentations to enrollments and even our trainings are online. Even our customers earn money, not just our employees! What could be better? Healthier, safer, make money using, make money sharing, completely safe around children, and the company is soooooo supportive.

I had an issue with one of business partners and her enrollemnt she was trying to get signed up, I literally hopped on the computer and sat in a chat with a customer servie representative from the company and they figured it all out in a matter of minutes. This is a truly residual income business, I am still making money for my first product introduction in June of last year, that is almost a year of getting paid for the same thing every month!!!! This company could not be any more mommy friendly with hours that work around when you need them,easy access to support and a system so easy your kids could make the money for you!

Check out my webpage http: There are so many home businesses!! And they were ranked on Inc. Our products have also been featured at the Emmy and Oscar Awards. People from all over the world want our exclusive, one-of-a-kind product that contours all your problem areas…Fast. I even gave myself a breast lift with it!! Longaberger is celebrating 40 years this year! The company is the premier U.

We offer an extensive line of baskets from traditional baskets to seasonal baskets in your choice of 3 stain colors. You receive a free personalized website! There are many fantastic reasons to join this company! If you have any questions you can contact me through my website or Facebook page.

Visit my website to see all Longaberger has to offer http: I work with Melaleuca promoting over health and wellness products. No parties, no inventory, do deliveries.

A true work from home opportunity. The compensation plan is fantastic. Feel free to send me an email if any of you would like more info. Wow, I am amazed by all of you and all the great opportunities you are involved in!! It is so good to see that more and more women start their online business at home: What I found and started and now I love is related to healthy coffee that contains ganoderma.

I am sure many of us is addiced to coffee that is why I like this business. I do not consider it as selling but rather helping people, families to avoid diseases and to drink healthy coffee. I am not a mother, yet and I am doing this online business besides my regular work in order to prepare for my motherhood and to be able to work at home in years. So I am really glad of seeing the inspiring examples here: Thanks again for sharing! Love this new company that anyone can enjoy!

My daughter and I love helping people design their own personal Lockets! It is do vintage yet so modern! I want to join origami owl but it says I need a confirmation number or representatives number…would you be able to supply me with that?

It looks like there is a wait list to join, but you can sign up for information here: Another company with similar products is South Hill Designs, you may want to check with them as well. For moms looking for practical, clever products invented by other moms, Moms Flourish is a fantastic business opportunity. We are looking for moms new to direct sales we believe in truly mentoring our consultants and a few very experienced team builders who want to be front-line to the corporation.

Email me at shelley at momsflourish. We have a great team of industry experts behind us and a detailed plan to grow big. The Team Beachbody coaching opportunity has forever changed my financial future and that of my family.

Plus, I have received over leads from Beachbody in the last year and a half. No sales or inventory involved and amazing tools provided by Beachbody. Part of my experience has been sharing my journey with others and helping them reach their own financial goals.

If you want more information about changing your financial future and you have a desire to help people, this is for you. Please go to my site http: You can also contact me directly with any questions. I am surprised not to see Thirty One on your list. I know you are hearing a lot about it locally but we are struggling to grow team members west of the Mississippi! Since your blog has nationally known any exposure would be great!

The other KEY fact about Thirty one http: This is important if you want to promote to management in a DS company! We are only 10 years old and a baby in the industry! Basically, start for free! I defiantly need to consider an ad with your page! Glad you enjoyed the article! The company was started by a 7 year old boy who wanted to bring smiles to children all over the world and after watching his sisters play with their stuffed animals and blankies, he came up with the idea for Happy Blankie and lie of incredibly soft blankies in the shape of animal faces with huge smiles on them.

As our company developed we added stuffed animals and clothing and plan to add much more into the future! For every item we sell, we donate one of the exact same item to a child in need. We have donated thousands of products across the US and all over the world. We would love to hear from anyone interested in not only creating a great source of income, but also helping to change the world, one smile at a time!

You can visit our website at http: Usborne Books at Home which has over books and activities for age infant to high school! I love the Kane Miller line for its international authors and flavors.

SimplyFun which is exclusive board games and activities for age 3 to adult. We won over 50 product awards in and the games are not only fun and educational but each game can span a number of ages ………. My doctor said okay we will retest in 2 months and see if it drops again — if it does no choice but to go to the transfusions. The answer is quite simple…showcase yourself with the brand new Home Page Pays v2 branding and advertising website.

Thousands of people will view your advertising and branding on this new HPP website… boosting your sales to new records and at the same time helping people improve their lives by giving them a simple way to earn money and have fun doing it. Wow…what a feeling it is to communicate with all the people who receive the gift of your website. Chatting with your customers and associates as a group…or individually…and even having group discussions about your business…using the new communication system built into the website is what you have been dreaming of.

Looking at the business office that came with your website and noting the organization and tracking systems that keep track of all the business associates and members activity and money being generated gives you a very comfortable feeling. Your business office that comes with your new package make it easy to customize your website and make it distinctively yours by putting your own websites and videos inside the HPP platform…amazing!

Potential customers can actually experience your business before becoming involved by looking at your company videos…even seeing your employees…activities …products and anything your mind can come up with.

You can see that this system becomes extremely viral online because of the games and education as well as the social media communication that is built in to the website…and a reward system of Smart Points which are given in various ways to every free member.

Damsel in Defense is about equipping women with the tools to not only keep them safe but also to give them the confidence to know that they have a way out if they ever feel threatened. Whether you are at home or traveling, running or celebrating downtown with the girls, Damsel in Defense has the products and fact-based education that can and does save lives.

This is a year old company that is experiencing a rapid growth! Sell thru Home, catalog and online sales, Gun shows and other events are great avenues as well. If you would like more information, Please contact me m. I look forward to talking with you: I am a mature semi retired lady. I have sold several party plans, but cannot handle anything that is heavy. I am not interested in selling jewelry, or any products that are going to have to carry a large amount of inventory to a party.

I am at a crossroads and am confused as to which program will work best for me. Could I hear back from you. Hi Gloria, Here is a large list of direct sales opportunities https: Good luck with your search: We are very excited about our affordable and adorable line of products. Hi Gloria, I am with a nutritional supplement company. You could do this business with minimal inventory, other than your starter kit, depending what level you choose to come in at.

The supplements are awesome, the company is 3 years old and debt-free. The owners are both Naturopathic doctors. Please can you provide more info. Try looking at Isagenix or ViSalus. More are listed on this page: It is a fact. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me yongworldwide gmail. Hello LaMarra, I was skimming through the postings on this site and wanted to respond to you with another great company that is highly recommended by top endorsers in the sports industry.

Zeal Zurvita is amazing too! Holler at me if interested. I just opened my boutique not long ago and you are welcome to check it the price Of jewelry Is very affordable from.

In this new generation of online technology, there are several ways to make money online. The great thing about this is that all you need is a blog and then you sign up for free accounts at clickbank and commission junction.

Once you do that you can simply choose products to promote on your blog for free and if someone purchases the product you get a good portion of the sale.

I sell ITworks weight loss and work out supplements! I host parties all the time and our most popular product is the ITworks body wrap. It is a cream infused cloth you place on your problem areas such as, arms, tummy, legs, butt. I am looking for people to join my team so please feel free to email me for more info!

Thank you in advance. I am big on selling the greens because they detoxify and also alkalize your body to prevent cancer cells from producing. The best part, is that the majority of your work is done online through social media!!! Check out my site, and feel free to contact me with any questions. Good luck and keep us posted! Can you send me more I information on this please?

Check out my page or take a look at my face book page www. Please feel free to contact me anytime for more info. Great incentives and commissions. I just started selling Magnolia and Vine snap jewelry. People love it because you can change it with every outfit. I want more income and more of a stress-free career. However, if I can get me an extra online job wouls be helpful and of it works out well enough I would do that for a lifetime.

Just want a change and more money! Please send me the info on jewelry home selling with checks being mailed to me 15th of month. Best time to teach me is after 1p. Not sure when each of them pays. Good luck and keep us posted: I dont think there is one TBH — i have never heard of one — thats a gap for you to fill.

Do you think it could be sold party plan? Tastefully Simple is a food product business for easy cooking. Every food product in here requires 3 or less ingredients! Tastefully Simple is the easiest and yummiest way to get dinner on the table. We have Drink buckets for the summertime parties — Just add Vodka or Tequila. We have soups, spices, and delicious desserts for you, your family, or guests at a party! Depends where you live.

Here in Canada there are 2… Epicure Selections and Sunset gourmet. Hiya — love the list — BUT Scentsy Fragrance flameless, soot free candles and Warmers is missing ;- And they are an awesome party plan business to represent. Scentsy is all about giving more than you take and is a fun, fresh and rapidly expanding party plan company. Check it out x http: The fastest growing direct sales company in the U. Do you love designer jeans?

What about huge discounts? Would you like to run your own business doing something you love? This is what Vault Denim is all about! The website is great! I have learned a lot in just a few hours that I have been reading your blogs.

Not just the product but the great leaders of the company. Vault Denim carries a product everyone wants, so get ready to fall in love with our prices, stock your closet and fill your pocket book! The one opportunity I have not seen and am searching for is opportunities for men?

Any ideas outside of fitness? I believe the best business for both men and woman is Organo Gold. My husband and I are independent distributors for Jerky Direct, a great home based business for men.

You can get more details on our website, http: Brand new company that is perfect for a man. Every man loves our products and ladies too. We are unique and different. Usana is a great business for men. My husband has been doing it for less than a year and doing well. Most vitamins that you purchase in store have a rating of under 2 stars. Usana has a rating of 5 stars out of 5. Hey Jim — check out http: They play games, grill meet and drink: Check us out at my link above and Happy hunting.

We are a health and wellness company! Have you tried it?! Check out my personal website! I am an independent rep. Businesses such as salons, boutique, etc. You can check out more at http: I am very interesting to join you business I am a lady for Namibia please send me information to join please email iitakristofina gmail.

I absolutely love this company. And price point is amazing especially when you see just what great quality the pieces are and trendy. Great for those with sensitive skin too!!!

The support is amazing from corporate all the way down to team members. I would love to become an independent rep. If it becomes available.

Please let me know. I know quite a few ladies are working with that company and they loving it! It really is a food company to work for. Here is a list of companies that sell handbags and purses: So many great ideas!!

What better way to get into great health and stay that way — healthy and sustainable! Personally, I have Multiple Sclerosis and through the Shakeology and workout programs, I have lost 25 pounds and gained the nourishment that my body needed for energy to get me through the day. MS fatigue is horrid, but Shakeology fights it more than my script for fatigue does. Amazing how I feel. Just join as a member there is a free option http: Or check out my blog — http: Pink Zebra is an amazing new company.

You can make your own candles or burn them in warmers. I love this product and the fragrances last forever. You should really come check out our company. They also sell lotions, hand soaps, patent pending diffusers, simmer pots and regular candles. They also offer fundraising options. Work at home opportunities are at an all time high.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise, so get your complete marketing kits at http: Flourish is launching this month!

Flourish is a direct sales program where moms sell products invented by other moms. From the completely practical to the indulgent and fashionable, these products are original and easy to sell. Especially where it says host a party or become a consultant: O Am I doing something wrong by chance?

When you click on the link you provided it takes you to a domain name page where you can start up domain…interested!! I would like to see what it is about and what you sell…. Hi Brande, Shelley changed directions, she now runs a community for mom entrepreneurs: I am in direct sales and love what I am doing. I am a indeendent director with thirty one gifts. I started to work with products related to health, based on chinese medicine. For details, please click http: Is there something about the company that deterred you or perhaps not enough information?

I mainly listed companies that are newer, and that have a less saturated market. Avon is a wonderful company!!! I have been in the Avon family for years. Thank you for mentioning them.. Younique is also a fairly new beauty direct sales company. Starting in September of Younique offers a variety of high quality, all natural makeup supplies that last for months! Their most popular product is their 3D Fiber Lashes. This mascara also lasts up to 4 months! If anyone is interested in becoming an Avon Rep you can contact me for information!

Thank you so much for this article! Best top selling companies for direct sells! I have been with them for almost a year now and I enjoy changing skin and changing lives! I love the accessories, flexibility, financial freedom and people! This is a company that truly cares about its stylists. We pride ourselves on fabulous accessories but also on creating a entrepreneurial platform for the modern day woman. You can also email me at laurastenovec gmail.

Thanks for the suggestions — also new to me. More companies to add to my direct sales page! Great list and I love receiving your emails for information as a home based business. I am independent consultant with Mannatech Australasia. We offer a range of Weightloss and Wellness products based on real food technology. I invite you all to pop over to my site where i have some information about our products.

I am always interested to hear from other women who would like to work from home. Thank you and all the best. Thanks for leaving your business! I would love to hear more about Mannitech. Is it available in Canada? Please email me dawnj. Hi I am based in South Africa and would be interested in marketing this product here.

Great list with a lot variety, Holly! We offer a heat activated, vinyl nail shield that lasts for 2 weeks on fingers 6 weeks on toes. Even better, it is non-toxic, water tight and made in the USA. But, to be totally honest the reason I joined after researching so many other companies, the prices. Hi Katie — Thanks for leaving your company!

Hi, Your Team Beachbody link is not working, but if anyone would like information on how to become a Team Beachbody Coach, you can find me at http: I can also be reached at angela angeipickfitness. Have a great day! If anyone is over this side of the Atlantic although I believe she does ship worldwide then check out http: Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar as always. So many out there! Thanks for stopping by! Pink Zebra Home is also great way for stay at home mom or dad to make money!

I am an consultant and I love it!!! I sell it too! No chemicals used in our products! What is the difference between pink zebra and Scentsy?

We are independent distributors who have many product lines to select to represent. If someone is interested in cosmetics we have the Motives line and Motives by LaLa.

We have a Health and Wellness line. There are over exclusive line products to build a business. We also have a shopping portal at Shop. There are over partner stores on the portal. Low start up costs. We are celebratin out 20th anniversary this weekend and entering the next phase as leaders in the social shopping revolution!!! My name is Lorraine and I am a new Zija Distributor and excited about the products I am now promoting…. Please check out https: This is a big opportunity that I wish had been there when I was young but never too late!

At sixty-five, I know a great opportunity…. Your email address will not be published. Comments hello,i joined a company and i love it,it helps inspire clean eating,i am really happy with this company ,if you are interested of making extra money,host parties get free products,and half off products. How do you become an consultant. Hi Carrie, You can find out more here: Can you send me more information on this….??

Thanks for letting us share our stories Holly! Thanks for sharing, Jen. Thanks for sharing your business, Sara! Good Morning, I was browsing the web to see what other at home businesses are out there and ran across your post which I enjoyed.

Thanks for sharing these business opportunities to start at home. I would like more information about selling. Thanks for sharing, Amber! Do they give you a website — or do you just promote via social media? Thank you, Holly, for a wonderful article! I enjoyed it very much! If anyone is interested please contact me and I would love to provide more information. Hi Holly, This is such a cool website! Anything that sells baby products or mommy and me products? Thanks for sharing your direct sales business!

I liked the Jewelry and the Food ones a lot.

Sell cosmetics online and give customers around the world the ability to purchase all the products they need to feel beautiful, without ever stepping foot outside their homes. The online cosmetics industry is significant and only continues to grow every day. How to Sell Beauty Products From Home by Angela Robinson - Updated September 26, This article is rated moderately challenging due to the fact that building a business is a challenge in itself. This includes Artistry skincare and makeup line which is in the top 5 of skincare in the world; Nutrilite vitamins and supplements, the #1 selling vitamin brand in the world; and Legacy of Clean products which are extremely safe yet effective cleaning products, to name a few.